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March 28, 2012

Hi Inspired readers!

Have you ever wondered where the saying {Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue} came from? We are here to share the background of this saying/poem and some ideas of what you can use to apply this to your wedding day!

The meaning of this popular saying came from the Victorian era and is intended to bring the Bride good luck for her marriage. Something old is to symbolize continuity with the Bride’s family & past. Something new represents brightness and hope for her and her husbands new life together. Something borrowed is usually an item from a family member who has had a lasting & strong marriage. The blue portion {something blue} comes from many different cultures in which blue was seen as a “bridal” color. It symbolizes purity, love, modesty etc.

You can choose almost anything as your something old, new, borrowed or blue. Here are some trendy/classic ideas to help you as you prepare your items!

{Something Old}:

*Decorate the Bride’s bouquet with a vintage brooch, ring or lace
*Display wedding photographs of family at the wedding
*Vintage clutch to match the Bride’s gown
*Use material from Mother of Brides wedding gown to make ring bearer pillow
*Lace handkerchief from grandma or grandpa

{Something New}:

*The Bride’s gown
*The Bride’s shoes
* A garter
*A new necklace or bracelet to wear
*A new clutch
*Toasting flutes

{Something Borrowed}:

*A family members piece of jewelry (ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet)
* Someone’s silver knife set to cut the cake
*A veil from a family member or friend that they wore at their wedding
*A Bible from a family member for the pastor to read during the wedding or use it as a ring bearer pillow

{ Something Blue}:

*Blue flowers in the Bride’s bouquet
*Blue shoes
*Blue decals for the bottom of your shoes
*Blue toss/keep garter
*Blue vintage ring
*Blue undergarments under her gown
*Blue nailpolish for her toes
*Blue ribbon on her bouquet
Have fun with planning this! Whether you are a family member, bridesmaid, friend or you are the Bride planning these out we hope that this helps you as you narrow down your options for the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

love, danielle & cecily


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