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{be inspired} DJ’s

February 29, 2012

{be inspired} will be posted every Wednesday featuring vendors, trends, and DIY projects! Our goal is to inspire the brides-to-be and friends/family who may know a bride-to-be!
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Happy Leap Year, {inspired} readers!

Have you ever been to a wedding where you thought “WOW”, and you keep thinking about it weeks & weeks on end. The wedding didn’t have spectacular flowers, or unique favors, nor was it your ideal venue.  The wedding also didn’t have an extravagent thirteen tiered wedding cake or floral centerpieces that reached to the ceilings.  The one thing that your mind is being held captive by is the fact that you found yourself enjoying each and every moment celebrating with the Bride and Groom. The most important aspect that delivered this minute by minute sensation was because of the atmosphere and environment the DJ created that accentuated the beauty of the love being celebrated.

DJ’s…They can be considered the most important part to planning a wedding (after the coordinator of course) yet often times are the last vendor that are booked…and can “fit within the budget”. Here are some tips to help you along the way as you look or book your DJ!

So where do you begin? You first want to look for the right DJ for you and your Fiance. Some thoughts that you should be considering is first of all the price. If you take our advice, we would suggest that you find your budget overall for the wedding and then categorize the DJ at a level of importance between numbers 1-3. With that said, the DJ can take a medium sized portion of your budget. Start looking at prices of DJ’s. We suggest that you compare prices between 3-5 DJ’s, any more than that can become confusing and somewhat overwhelming. Not only do you want your DJ to be flexible with your time and date (availabilty) but you also want to know the style and personality of the DJ. Are they normally wedding DJ’s or strictly club DJ’s…maybe they do both? It’s in your best interest to find out! All in all, you want a DJ that is going to cater to the atmosphere and what works for the crowd, not what benefits him & his current playlist!

Next step is interviewing which DJ’s you feel is right for you. When interviewing, be prepared to ask questions and make a list so that you don’t forget anything that you feel is an important question to ask. We stumbled upon a website that we feel would prepare any Bride for which questions to ask: From this website we pulled eight questions that we think are among the most important questions to ask while interviewing a DJ.

1)Will you be the DJ at our wedding: many DJ companies employ several DJ’s.
Know which DJ is going to be at your wedding. If they tell you they aren’t sure who will be your DJ then maybe reconsider booking them or ask them boldly, how you will know they will be right for you and your crowd.

2)What makes you different from your competitors: DJ’s have to differentiate themselves somehow! So how does this prospective DJ set themselves apart from the rest? Do they use props? Do they scan the crowd to see what the mood is? Do they separate themselves by a special light show? Its up to you to ask!

3)Have you played at our reception site before:

This will help with sound issues, how they cooperate with staff, where the best place to set up is etc.

4)Do you act as an Emcee for our event?
This is important because you will need someone to annouce each event, such as the first dance, etc. Your guests will want to know and hear what event is happening, especially the ones not seated close to the dance floor.

5)How would you define your style when making announcments? (This is assuming they will Emcee).
This is important because you want to make sure the DJ has the same style as you, or what you and your fiance are looking for. Some people like their DJ to make jokes, others want them to stricky announce something and talk as less as possible.

6)Do you take requests from our guests?
This is important to know upfront, and gives you an idea of the DJ’s style as well.

7) What is included in the cost of my event?
This is important because it is always good to understand what exactly you are paying for!

8) Do you provide any “extras”?
Such as uplighting, monograms for the dance floor, slideshows etc.

This should get you a leg up when you are planning your wedding and fitting the right DJ into your plans. It can be hard to find someone that you trust so if you have any questions about DJ’s feel free to ask us. We have worked with great DJ’s and have met some awesome ones too. Look to us for a book of references and we can help you out! Afterall, it is all about connections and who you know.

We hope this information helps you find a great DJ for your Big Day!

Have an INSPIRED Wednesday!
Danielle & Cecily


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