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{be inspired} Wedding Flowers by Season

February 14, 2012

{be inspired} will be posted every Tuesday featuring vendors, trends, and DIY projects! Our goal is to inspire the brides-to-be and friends/family who may know a bride-to-be!
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Happy Valentines Day {be inspired} Readers!

Since its Valentines Day, we thought that flowers would be a perfect topic to write about, since they are one of the most popular Valentines gifts known to man kind (besides chocolate!) and also a very important detail to any wedding. What many Brides don’t think about before going into a floral consultation or buying their flowers is which ones are actually in season. This post will equip you with information about flowers and also how buying your flowers in season may save you money!


Spring- Winter is over and summer is near, life is back in the air! Tulips, Lilacs, Roses, Daisies, Sweet Peas, Hydrangeas, Anenomes, Ranunculas & Peonies are among the most popular wedding flowers in season.

Summer- Many flowers that are in season in Spring are not in season during summer, which is important to note! The flowers that are in season are, Roses, Hydrangeas, Snap Dragons, Calla Lilies, Stephanotis, Gerbera Daisy, Peruvian Lily, Zinnia, Poppies and Orchids!

Fall- With the air getting a bit more chilly and the leaves changing on the trees (ever so slightly in Southern California) so do wedding colors & flowers. There are several different kinds of roses available such as, Terra Cotta, Leonidas, Sari, Red Berlin, Star 2000, Black Magic, and Hocus Pocus. The flowers in season are Viburnum, Montibretia, Aster, Dahlias, Marigold, Statice, Chrysanthemum, Zinnia, Iris, and Winter Jasmine. (Don’t you love the funky names of these flowers?!)

Winter- Just because winter weddings tend to have the reputation of being themed after Christmas or winter white & blue doesn’t mean you have to continue that theme! Think of outside of the box aside from Christmas and winter wonderland colors. Here are some of the flowers in season for winter,  Ivy, Amaryllis, Freesia, Magnolia, Hydrangea, Carnations, Snowball Mums, and Gardenias, Poinsettia, Holly, Evergreens, Anenomes, Dahlias & more.


We know that the names of these flowers can get confusing and a bit overwhelming when trying to think of which flowers to pick. We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many pictures…the best trick is to google some of the names of the flowers to see if you like them. If you do like them search to see what colors they come in and then search for bouquet/boutonniere/corsage/centerpiece/decor ideas with that particular picture or idea.

If you are trying to save money on flowers, let your florist know that you want to stick within a budget. Give the florist your budget, an idea of what you are looking for (give them up to 3-5 looks you are going for) and some flowers that you want to have in your wedding. You may surprise them when you already know which ones are in season too! This is a great way to cut costs in your budget. Another helpful tip that is aside from seasonal flowers for saving money is ask your florist if they could transition the ceremony flowers into the reception for centerpieces or other decor. This may cut your cost in half!

We hope that these tips & advice helped you today! Have a great Tuesday & Happy Valentines Day!!!


Danielle & Cecily


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