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What does your {wedding dress} say about you?

August 11, 2011

The Bride’s wedding gown is usually the most talked about at weddings, besides celebrating the couple tying the knot! Guests wait in anticipation for the Bride to walk down the aisle in her beautiful gown. Gowns are chosen upon the personal style and taste of the Bride and it truly is a reflection of who she is.

Wedding gowns are usually the first thing the Bride shops for before all other things like decor, cake, venue, Bridesmaids dresses etc. Wedding gowns can be considered one of the most important items to a Bride at her wedding day. Not only is it important, but the dress usually is the focal point of the entire wedding.

We found this interesting and decided to provide {you} with some cute facts about what your dress says about you! This can be used whether you already got married, have your wedding dress & are waiting patiently to wear it OR if you have only seen pictures and know what style you would choose for your Big Day. Look below for different styles & lengths and also for credits to whom we gathered this information from 🙂


: Empire :

You resemble old fashioned romance and have the ability to inspire others through your free thoughts. It is known that later in life you will inspire others and be at the forefront of a social change. Because you are a naturally born leader and thrive being in control, remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the celebration of you and your hubby.

: Mermaid :

You are feminine & glamourous. Refined yet dramatic. For your entire life you have always attracted the opposite sex. But fortunatley for your husband, once you give your love to one person you will always stay faithful. You and your husband will make a great team, just remember to openly communicate and stay organized.

:Ball Gown:

You are extravagant, love deeply and have an exquisite sense of style and fashion. The essence and style of your wedding is extremely important to you. Your hubby may or may not share this same passion with you, but keep moving forward with your stylish talent. Your home together will be beautiful-a place that everyone goes to for the Holidays and dinner partys. 

: A-Line :

Just like the letter {A} you are one to stand up and be recognized. Never settling for second best you are feminine, classic and elegant. Traditonality is something you respect, but don’t fret over gender roles in your marriage and don’t be surprised that its not always what you expect. No matter what, you and your beloved will find ways to navigate through the twists and turns.

: Sheath :

You are sophisticated, modern and a born leader. You know what you want and you know how to get it, no matter where you are at-home, office, wherever you are. Your personality is magnetic and your fans and admirers will always surround you. Treat these people with kindness and you will go far in life. Your husband will live to please you-Lucky you!


We hope you thought this was just as fun as we did! And we hope it inspired your {heart}



{sources} :

Fortune Telling Book for Brides, Chronicle Books LLC, 2009.


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